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Android client for the Teddy irssi remote control script

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Teddy Client

Android client app for connecting to irssi instances running the remote access plugin over WebSockets.

Currently based on the Autobahn|Android WebSocket client library and the Jackson JSON library.

Build Status


  • Database consistency
  • Add scrollback fetching
  • Hide input field when reading scrollback
  • Improved server event handling
  • Visual tweaking
  • Material design
  • Transitions
  • Fonts
  • Improve connection handling
  • Network state detection

----- Release? -----

  • Share action
  • Widgets?
  • Autoregonized embedded content
  • based on url regonition
  • images, videos, spotifys?
  • Redesign the WebSocket protocol
  • Limit to bind and eval operations?
  • Completely own fork? (JSON-RPC, WAMP?)

Component architecture

  • UI Layer
  • Shows data in lists and such
  • CursorLoader
  • For fetchign data from the content provider
  • ContentProvider
  • Fetches data from rest client, and caches it in data store
  • Data Store
  • SQL lite
  • Serves as cache
  • REST client
  • Maintains connection to server and fetches/listens for data

Duplicated for windows and lines


Android client for the Teddy irssi remote control script






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