Recieve Signal ( messages when OctoPrint jobs are complete. signal-cli is required.
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in configuration section, signal identifiers/usernames are 10 digits (or more?)
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Recieve Signal ( messages when OctoPrint jobs are complete.

Requires signal-cli be installed and configured. See Prerequisites for more information.

Settings tab screenshot


two phone numbers

You can't send and receive from the same phone number. Google Voice is handy for this.


signal-cli ( is required for operation. You'll need to enable strong encryption or ensure you're running a recent version of Java.

Helpful Links:

Test by running the following as the user Octoprint runs as.

signal-cli -u <sender> send -m "signal-cli works from $USER@$HOST" <recipient>


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


Configuration is done via the settings panel. You must set a full path to signal-cli (I recommend placing signal-cli in /usr/local/), sender (must be configured in signal-cli), and a recipient.

Senders and recipients are phone numbers (e.g. +12225554444).


Loosely based on OctoPrint_FreeMobile-Notifier.


Licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3.