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Selenoid Docker Images

This repository contains Docker build files to be used for Selenoid project. You can find prebuilt images here.

Download Statistics

Firefox: Firefox Docker Pulls

Chrome: Chrome Docker Pulls

Opera: Opera Docker Pulls

Android: Android Docker Pulls

How images are built


Each image consists of 3 or 4 layers:

  1. Base layer - contains stuff needed in every image: Xvfb, fonts, cursor blinking fix, timezone definition and so on. This layer is always built manually.
  2. Optional Java layer - contains latest Java Runtime Environment. Only needed for old Firefox versions incompatible with Geckodriver. This layer is always built manually.
  3. Browser layer - contains browser binary. We create two versions: with APT cache and without it. The latter is then used to add driver layer.
  4. Driver layer - contains either respective web driver binary or corresponding Selenium server version.

Building procedure is automated with shell scripts selenium/ and selenium/ that generate Dockerfile and then create browser and driver layers respectively. Before push each image is tested with these tests.

Image information

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