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Æsh (Another Extendable SHell)

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Æsh is a Java library to easily create commands through a well defined API. Æsh will take care of all the parsing and injection for your commands. Æsh uses the project 'aesh-readline' for it’s terminal/readline integration.


We’re now heading into the final stages before we’ll tag an 1.0-alpha release. The master branch is fairly stable atm and the plan is to not change anything big in the upcoming weeks. We have released a snapshot version of 1.0 if you are eager to test. Just add this to your 'pom.xml':


'build.gradle' file.

dependencies {
    compile group: 'org.aesh', name: 'aesh', version: '1.0-SNAPSHOT'


Æsh is a library to easily create commands. We recommend using annotations as the default way of adding metadata for your commands, but we also have a builder API if that is preferred. Some of our features:

  • Easy to use API to create everything from simple to advanced commands

  • Supports different types of options (list, group, single) and arguments

  • Builtin completors for default values, booleans and files

  • Supports multiple hierarcy of sub commands eg: git rebase/pull/++

  • All option values and arguments are automatically injected during execution

  • Possible to add custom validators, activators, completors, converters, renderers and parsers

  • Automatically generates help/info text based on the metadata provided

  • Can add and remove commands during runtime

All the readline functionality included in 'aesh-readline', eg:

  • Line editing

  • History (search, persistence)

  • Completion

  • Masking

  • Undo and Redo

  • Paste buffer

  • Emacs and Vi editing mode

  • Supports POSIX OS’s and Windows

  • Easy to configure (history file & buffer size, edit mode, streams, possible to override terminal implementations, etc)

  • Support standard out and standard error

  • Redirect

  • Alias

  • Pipeline

How to build:

To get going:

import org.aesh.command.Command;
import org.aesh.command.CommandDefinition;
import org.aesh.command.CommandException;
import org.aesh.command.CommandResult;
import org.aesh.command.impl.registry.AeshCommandRegistryBuilder;
import org.aesh.command.invocation.CommandInvocation;
import org.aesh.command.parser.CommandLineParserException;
import org.aesh.command.registry.CommandRegistry;
import org.aesh.console.settings.Settings;
import org.aesh.console.settings.SettingsBuilder;
import org.aesh.readline.ReadlineConsole;


public class SimpleExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws CommandLineParserException, IOException {
        CommandRegistry registry = new AeshCommandRegistryBuilder()
        Settings settings = SettingsBuilder
        ReadlineConsole console = new ReadlineConsole(settings);
        console.setPrompt("[simple@aesh]$ ");

    @CommandDefinition(name = "exit", description = "exit the program", aliases = {"quit"})
    public static class ExitCommand implements Command {
        public CommandResult execute(CommandInvocation commandInvocation) throws CommandException, InterruptedException {
            return CommandResult.SUCCESS;


Æsh is a Java library for handling console input.




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