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a FEMEN Android app
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FEMEN Android app

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This is an Android project I started after contacting Inna mid-April 2014 if they would like to have FEMEN on Androids.

She said yes, but also that she had something other in mind with their website

Unfortunately I never heard of any other plans, so I'm releasing this into the wild as I don't have very much time to work on it any further.


Basically it's a compilation of different ressources you find on the web and summarizing them in an own Android app ecosystem:

  • a Facebook account (which is shut down often and changes constantly)
  • their Twitter
  • their Instagram
  • their YouTube
  • their Pinterest
  • their online shop
  • summarizing inside the app the different donation options

Installation & list of releases

Current changelogs as well as a direct link to the working APK are always available here:

Download the app

Remember to allow your Android device to install software from unknown sources.


  • have a look at the open issues and pull requests
  • feel free to report bugs (feedback is much appreciated)
  • suggest new features and improvements to both code and documentation
  • propose solutions to existing problems
  • submit pull requests :-)


This app is GPL V2 and thus Free Software

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