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Clayfy is a full featured JQuery plugin that makes elements draggable, resizable or sortable.


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Clayfy Jquery Plugin

Clayfy is a full featured JQuery plugin that makes elements draggable, resizable or sortable.

Most of the usual features are included in this plugin, so you don't need to write them again.


Features overview

  • No markup changes over element.
  • Constrict movement (x/y)
  • Container area
  • Scroll containers over bounderies.
  • Ghost image
  • Droppable area
  • Migration (reappend element to a new parent on dropping)
  • Resizing constricts (min/max)
  • Resizing handlers from outside: you can use
  • CSS customization resizable handlers
  • Sort elements from a same parent or export to a new one
  • Events


Include JQuery js and plugin’s css and js files in your HTML code.

<script src="/lib/jquery.js"></script> 
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/dist/clayfy.min.css" type="text/css" /> 
<script src="/dist/clayfy.min.js"></script> 


Next there is basic usage for Clayfy. Further information you can find inside demos and options and events tables below.


When document is ready, you can call the plugin for an absolute positioned element.


        type : 'draggable'


As 'draggable' is Clayfy's type default value, you can make that cleaner:


You can assign a container to your draggable element. Your element doesn't need to be a container's child.

<div id="container"><div>
<div id="draggable"></div>
    container : #container

Also, you can assign a droppable element. Further, you can set up draggable and droppable behavior through plugin's options, events and CSS.


<div id="droppable-1"><div>
<div id="droppable-2"><div>
<div id="draggable"></div>


    droppable : '#droppable-1, #droppable-2'
    'clayfy-dragenter' : function(e){


        background : #38c429;
        background : #5a6de3;
        border-color : #38c429;
        border-color: #5a6de3;


Resizable elements inherits draggable options. But element does not need to be absolute positioned, although is required if you like to drag it.

Just call:

    type : 'resizable'

Options: minSize, maxSize and preserveAspectRatio you will surely use. There are further options too that you may need (see table below).

There are a list of events that you may need. For example,

$resizable = $('#resizable');
$resizable.on('clayfy-resize clayfy-cancel', function(){
    console.log( $resizable.width() + ' x '+ $resizable.height() )

Last, for an easy handler styling, use className option:

    type : 'resizable',
    className : 'myCustomClass'

        content: '';
        position: absolute;
        height: 2px;
        background: red;



Sortable elements element may be absolute positioned, although is not recommended.

By default, each sortable element can change place with a sibling that has the same CSS selector and has the same parent:

    <div class="sortable">A.1</div>
    <div class="sortable">A.2</div>
    <div class="sortable">A.3</div>
    <div class="sortable">B.1</div>
    <div class="sortable">B.2</div>
    <div class="sortable">B.3</div>
        type : 'sortable'

Of course, there are severals options. For instance, you can change order between elements from diferent parents (siblings option), move node from one to another (export option), constrict movement (see draggable options), etc.

Further examples you will find inside demos.


Options can be set locally as a paramater or globally through $.clayfy.settings object.

Also, it is worth to say that most of draggable options can be use in resizable and sortable types (but, of course, not vice versa).


Name Type Default Description
container mix void Container that constricts movement. Can be a CSS Selector, an array (top, right, bottom, left) or an instance of DraggableContainer (See $.clayfy.container(...))
moveY boolean true Element can be moved vertically
moveX boolean true Element can be moved horizontally
move boolean true Element can be moved
not string void CSS Selector of childs to exclude. When user click on them, draggable element cannot be moved.
ghost mix false Element is not dragged itself but an image ghost. Set true or fill with markup. Also, a function that returns markup
coverScreen boolean true Cover screen with layer for easily drag all over the screen (also, over iframes)
scrollable mix void CSS Selector or JQuery instance. By default, conainer is scrollable. Turn false to not scroll
droppable string void CSS Selector or JQuery instance where is allowed to drop
fit boolean true Fit inside drop area when drop inside.
dropoutside boolean false Allow to drop outside droppable area
migrate boolean false Change parent after drop inside drop area
overflow boolean false Element will be temporaly append to an helper container outside parent
escape boolean true Cancel dragging with esc key


Name Type Default Description
preserveAspectRatio boolean false Preserve Aspect Ratio when element is being resized.
maxSize array [500, 200] Max size of element: width, height
minSize array [100, 50] Min size of element: width, height
left boolean true whether the element can be resize by left side
top boolean true whether the element can be resize by top side
right boolean true whether the element can be resize by right side
bottom boolean true whether the element can be resize by bottom side


Name Type Default Description
siblings string void CSS selector. Force elements to be considered siblings. By default, only actual siblings.
export boolean true Whether an element can be exported to another parent


Use event paramenter to have access to useful properties, as target or droparea.


Event Params Description
clayfy-drag event When element is being dragged.
clayfy-dragstart event When element starts to be dragged.
clayfy-dragenter event When draggable enters droppable.
clayfy-dragleave event When draggable leaves droppable.
clayfy-dropinside event When draggable is dropped inside droppable.
clayfy-dropoutside event When draggable is dropped outside droppable.
clayfy-drop event When draggable is dropped.


Event Params Description
clayfy-resize event When element is being resized
clayfy-resizeend event When resizing ends
clayfy-resizestart event When resizing starts
clayfy-cancel event When resizing is cancelled


Event Params Description
clayfy-changeorder event When element has been changed place.


Clayfy has been developed by Ángel Espro. It is licensed under the MIT license


Clayfy is a full featured JQuery plugin that makes elements draggable, resizable or sortable.







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