Edwig is a golang server for real-time public transport data exchange, using the SIRI protocol.
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Edwig logo


An innovative and modular solution

  • Modular architecture organized in Collection, Model & Broadcast
  • Multi-protocol connectors: SIRI, SIRI Lite (GTFS-RT soon)
  • Real time Visualization / management of data by API
  • Loading theoretical offer and / or network structure into a database
  • Real time and parameterizable logging
  • Managing multiple independent referentials in the same server
  • Real time administration: exchange partners, referentials

SIRI connectors

In collection and broadcast (both subscription and request)

  • StopMonitoring
  • EstimatedTimeTable
  • Situational Management

In broadcast only:

  • StopPointDiscovery
  • LineDiscovery

Versatile and multilingual

  • Transcodification of data with use and correspondence between different types of identifiers on the same objects
  • Management and configuration of identifier formats to adapt in real time the identifiers used with an exchange partner
  • Modular import supply by a new product "Referentials"

Real-time logging

Outsource, process and store in real time all exchanges managed by Edwig :

  • Send real time exchange data to LogStash processing
  • High performance storage for consultation and statistics via ElasticSearch
  • Visualization of historical data via Kibana

More Information

Some technical articles are available on the wiki too.

Related projects :


This project is licensed under the Apache2 license, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE file.


Contact af83 Edwig team to know how to contribute to the Edwig project