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Afero Secure Radio Library

Version 1.3

2018-Apr-02: Important news: As of this release this version of afLib is deprecated. It will remain available for compatibility with existing code, but for new projects please use afLib2 at


This library implements the SPI and UART protocols used to communicate with the Afero Secure Radio Module on development boards such as the Modulo-1 and Modulo-2. It provides a simple API for reading and writing attribute values from an Arduino sketch.

This version of the library supports Arduino compatible MCUs. It has been tested on Arduino/Genuino Uno boards and the the PJRC Teensyduino 3.2 board, but should work fine on any Arduino compatible MCU as long as the SPI or UART pins are connected properly.

Arduino Installation

  • If you are familiar with using git, you can use it to clone this directory into your Arduino installation. From a command line, change directories to your Aduino "libraries" folder ("Documents/Arduino/libraries" for Mac, "My Documents/Ardino/libraries" for Windows), then clone this project with "git clone".

  • If you don't use git, you can download this project from the "Clone or Download" button at the top of the page, then select "Download ZIP". Unzip the downloaded file "" and it will create a folder called "afLib-master". Rename this folder from "afLib-master" to just "afLib", then copy it to the Arduino/libraries folder. The folder must be named afLib and not afLib-master for the Arduino sotware to properly recognize it.

  • After installation, restart the Arduino IDE if it was running.

Upgrading an Existing Arduino Installation

  • If you've previously installed an older version of afLib, delete the old folder under Arduino/libaries and then install this new version via the installation instructions above.

More Information

Release Notes

afLib 1.3.204 3/23/18 Release Notes

  • This release of afLib (v1.3) is now DEPRECATED.
  • afLib will remain available for compatibility with existing projects, but please use afLib2 for new projects
  • afBlink example: add some #ifdef around debugging prettyprints to keep from crashing on Arduino Uno.

afLib 1.3.153 3/14/18 Release Notes

  • Fixed internal afLib FIFO queues that sometimes weren't FIFO.
  • Updated Modulo-2 profiles for example projects.
  • Added getReason() call to get a reason code for why an update happened.
  • Hide "fake" fuzzing traffic from MCU to keep MCU from having to process it.
  • Updated debugging code in afBlink to current standards.
  • Added example app to get linked timestamp and device UTC offset data (aflib_time_check).

afLib 1.2.114 7/25/17 Release Notes

  • Reduce serial monitor baud rate to 9600 to match Arduino default
  • Add UART support for the MCU interface
  • Add a define at the top of the examples to allow you to specify SPI or UART
  • Define RX/TX pins for the UART interface
  • Add some helper functions for printing received system attributes
  • Add code to reboot ASR when an update is pending
  • Retry setAttribute operations until they are successful
  • Update profiles with latest version of Afero Profile Editor to get new system attributes
  • Define a common transport interface that is implemented by both UART and SPI interfaces
  • Remove an obsolete update reason
  • Add constants for the SYNC_REQUEST and SYNC_ACK messages
  • Add a define to make it easy to turn on debugging of the transport layer
  • Send the correct update reason in update messages to the ASR

afLib 0.9.217 2/23/17 Release Notes

  • Renamed some dubiously-named methods for clarity: onAttrSet -> attrSetHandler onAttrSetComplete -> attrNotifyHandler

  • Renamed a bunch of also dubiously-named internal methods and variable names

  • Miscellaneous code formatting changes

  • MOST developer applications should not require any changes, if you implement onAttrSet and onAttrSetComplete you'll need to change to the new names (see for some code change notes)

afLib 5/26/16 Release Notes

  • Retry the initial sync operation if it fails.
  • Remove the old "Collision" message as it was just confusing.
  • Print all attribute names and values at startup.
  • Switch away from using the String object for debug printing to reduce memory.
  • Use the "!Serial" trick to wait for Serial to startup.
  • Fix a bug with bool types.
  • Remove a bunch of used cargo code.
  • Add some comments and rename some methods to make them more clear.

afLib 4/21/16 Release Notes

  • Restore a missing paren in boebot_tank example.
  • Move the example profiles back to the released version of the profile editor.

afLib 4/20/16 Release Notes

  • Add two new examples that demonstrate how attributes can be manipulated either directly or through a transform.
  • Fix a problem with initializing the spi_ioc_transfer structure under Linux that was causing errors for ceratin kernels.

afLib 3/24/16 Release Notes

  • The library now supports a String of any length. In the previous releases, String support was unreliable.
  • The library was extended to support both Arduino and Raspberry Pi using a common code base.
  • The library now always calls onSetAttributeComplete for an associated setAttribute call, regardless of where the attribute lives. Previously this function was not called for MCU attributes.
  • The library now only allows one set/get attribute call to execute at any one time. Other calls are queued until they can be serviced.
  • The setAttribute method names were changed to reflect the associated attribute type. C was not resolving the previous method signatures correctly.
  • The Arduino board definitions were cleaned up, plus support was added for the ATMega2560.
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