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Installation instructions

Ubuntu Linux:
Updated packages are available from the "Highly Explosive" PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install photoflow

Arch Linux:
To install the pre-compiled package, download the photoflow-git-0.2.1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz archive and then run

sudo packman -U photoflow-git-0.2.1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

To compile from sources, download the PKGBUILD file and run this command in the download directory:

makepkg -i

open the photoflow-0.2.1.app.dmg file and drag the PhotoFlow icon into the Applications folder

Unpack the photoflow-0.2.1-setup.zippackage and run the installer. If you have a previous version, it is recommended to uninstall it before running the installer.


New features:

  • Re-added GUI controls for horizontal/vertical shifting of layers
  • Gradient tool: the tool controls now include a curve adjustment, which allows to easily create
    arbitrary colored and/or non-linear gradients starting from a linear grayscale one.
  • Scale/rotate tool: added mouse-driven rotation and automatic cropping of rotated image
  • Few changes have been introduced into the "Volume" tool, now called "Local contrast":
    • the "Unsharp mask" method has been renamed to "Gaussian"
    • the option to use G'MIC "Bilateral smoothing" as blurring operator has been added.
      This usually produces results with less evident halos. Idea taken from here:
  • Added shadows/highlights clipping warning in preview area
  • Replaced text of zoom buttons with icons from http://studiojunkyard.github.io/LibreICONS/
  • Added status indicator at the bottom of the image preview area.
    The possible configurations are:
    • "ready" + green indicator: the preview area is up-to-date and the processing engine is idle
    • "processing" + red indicator: the preview area is being updated
    • "caching" + orange indicator: the preview area is up-to-date but the processing engine is performing some background caching. In this case, further updates of the preview area might be slower than usual
    • "exporting" + red indicator: the processing engine is busy exporting the current image
  • The buttons for switching maps on/off, making a layer sticky and enabling/disabling the layer editing mode
    are now duplicated in the auxiliary controls panel above the layers list
  • When opening a PFI file, if an input image is not found in the path stored in the PFI file it is
    searched in the same folder as the PFI file itself. This allows PFI files to behave as "sidecars",
    and to be easily distributed toghether with the original images.
  • Improved color scheme for tools controls (lighter background)
  • Added alternative overlay blend mode equivalent to GIMP one (very close to soft light)
  • Improved/simplified rendering of preview image:
    • the centering in zoom-to-fit mode is now handled directly by GTK, instead of drawing a black
      border explicitely has it was done before.
    • when in zoom-to-fit mode, the preview image gets properly scaled and re-centered when the right
      controls panel is shown/hidded (see issue #36)
  • Updated G'MIC to version
  • Updated French translations (thanks to Patrick Depoix)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in G'MIC filters under OSX (see https://discuss.pixls.us/t/gmic-stability-under-osx/)
  • Fixed various issues related to the deletion of layers
    (see issue #35)
  • Reduced accuracy of spin button that adjusts the rotation angle in the "scale/rotate" tool
    (see issue #37)
  • Opening a layer map whose tab exists already now activates the tab itself, instead of adding a new one
    (see issue #39)
  • Fixed memory corruption in RAW histogram filling
    (see issue #40 )
  • Improved behaviour of image blender: when two images have a different number of channels or pixel format,
    the blending is set automatically to "passthrough"
    (see issue #40)