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The sidekiq connector connects OpenFaaS functions to sidekiq topics.


  • Allow functions to subscribe to sidekiq topics
  • Ingest data from sidekiq and execute functions
  • Work with the OpenFaaS REST API / Gateway
  • Formulate and validate a generic "connector-pattern" to be used for various event sources like sidekiq, AWS SNS, RabbitMQ etc

Try it out

Deploy Swarm

Deploy the stack which contains sidekiq and the connector:

docker stack deploy sidekiq -c ./yaml/connector-swarm.yml
  • Deploy or update a function so it has an annotation topic=faas-request or some other topic

As an example:

$ faas store deploy figlet --annotation topic="faas-request"

The function can advertise more than one topic by using a comma-separated list i.e. topic=topic1,topic2,topic3

  • Publish some messages to the topic in question i.e. faas-request

Instructions are below for publishing messages

  • Watch the logs of the sidekiq-connector

Deploy on Kubernetes

The following instructions show how to run sidekiq-connector on Kubernetes.

Deploy a function with a topic annotation:

$ faas store deploy figlet --annotation topic="faas-request" --gateway <faas-netes-gateway-url>

Deploy sidekiq:

You can run the reis, sidekiq and sidekiq-connector pods with:

kubectl apply -f ./yaml/kubernetes/

If you already have sidekiq then update ./yaml/kubernetes/connector-dep.yml with your redis address and then deploy only that file:

kubectl apply -f ./yaml/kubernetes/connector-dep.yml


This configuration can be set in the YAML files for Kubernetes or Swarm.

env_var description
upstream_timeout Go duration - maximum timeout for upstream function call
rebuild_interval Go duration - interval for rebuilding function to topic map
queues Queues to which the connector will bind
gateway_url The URL for the API gateway i.e. http://gateway:8080 or http://gateway.openfaas:8080 for Kubernetes
redis_host Default is
print_response Default is true - this will output the response of calling a function in the logs