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Data Wrangling with the Tidyverse

This repository contains code and data for an eco-data-science workshop at NCEAS on February 15, 2018. Many people have now heard the statistic from a 2014 New York Times article that data scientists spend 50-80% of their time collecting and preparing data before it can be explored. The goal of this session is to teach tools that can streamline that process.

This workshop is intended to teach basic data wrangling using dplyr and tidyr to anyone who is familiar with R but not necessarily with these more recent tools. You do not need to be familiar with rmarkdown, ggplot, etc. to understand this workshop! This session will also be live streamed here via Zoom. View the html version here.

The .rmd document in this repository is intended for reference as we walk through this session. It may not have enough detail to serve as a stand-alone tutorial. If you aren't able to attend or listen in on the workshop, I recommend checking out these great and thorough resources: