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AFSY Website

AFSY stands for "Association Francophone des utilisateurs de Symfony". See for more informations.

How to add your own events on the website?

First you need to contact one of the administrators with your email and sensiolabs connect id: you may fill an issue to contact one of them.

Then, you will be able to log in into the Afsy website Back Office: You can register new Articles and Authors. When your article is done and published, spread the world on social networks!

Install and run


  • PHP 8.0 / Composer
  • Symfony cli
  • Docker
  • NodeJS / Yarn

Run it locally:

$ symfony composer install
$ docker-compose up -d
$ symfony console doctrine:schema:create
$ symfony console doctrine:fixtures:load
$ yarn install
$ yarn dev
$ symfony serve

How-to update CSS styles

Install assets and run yarn:

$ bin/console assets:i
$ yarn watch


You need rights to the SymfonyCloud account and deploy with the following command.

$ symfony deploy

See SymfonyCloud documentation for more. (note that you can create environment by pull request on demand).