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A D3 module for creating London Squared cartograms
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A D3 module to support the creation of London Squared cartograms.


Putting a map on a page

a simple and colourful cartogram of London

Single variable visualisation

a cartogram showing a single variable visualised as circles

A multi-variable visualisation

a cartogram showing a bar chart and colour coding on each element

Time series visualization

a london squared cartogram with a line chart drawn in each cell

Adding interaction

a london squared cartogram with an image of a mouse pointer

Area and greenspace

a cartogram showing the proportion of greenspace in each london borough

About us

After the flood is a design consultancy based in London. We work with global corporations like Google, Nikkei and Ford to solve business problems that combine our understanding of AI and data as a material with unique user insight. Our consulting model means guaranteed access to our top team. Our approach is user-centred and lean, showing progress to clients and working with a variety of expert partners.

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