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result div not correct width when input has padding. #25

mcornman opened this Issue · 6 comments

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So I am new to github and the autocomplete plugin but I like it so much more than the one built into JQueryUI.

Amway, I found one thing that I wanted to submit as a UI adjustment: if input text element has left/right padding, result DIV does not come back at the correct width.

Line 765:

width: typeof options.width == "string" || options.width > 0 ? options.width : $(input).width(),

could be replaced with:

width: typeof options.width == "string" || options.width > 0 ? options.width : $(input).width() + parseInt($(input).css("padding-left")) + parseInt($(input).css("padding-right")), 

I also have a nice demo page to add to this plugin showing above that includes some formatting. not sure how to attach but I could email.



Hey, mcornman!

I appreciate the effort and your interest in helping to keep this project up to date! This would certainly be a useful update. You’re more than welcome to send me any relevant files to my email: alfonso [at] agarzola [dot] com.

Thanks again!


sent a couple of weeks ago... did you get?


OK no worries, just wanted to make sure it didn't hit the junk mail folder :)

width: typeof options.width == "string" || options.width > 0 
    ? options.width 
    : $(input).outerWidth(),
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