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Colorpick: Color picker and contrast checker

Contrast check

Colorpick is a color picker, which makes it easy to check text readability by letting you pick a background and foreground color and computing the contrast between them.

It lets you know if contrast is good enough according to

It also comes with a handy magnified-picker, which you can control with the cursor keys, for precise picking.

Finally, it lets you adjust colors and copy them to the clipboard as different formats.

Colorpick is managed using the lightweight project management policy.


  • CMake
  • Qt 5
  • KF5GuiAddons
  • KF5WidgetsAddons


Create a build directory and change to it:

mkdir build
cd build

Run CMake and build:

cmake path/to/colorpick

Install (must be run as root if installing to /usr or /usr/local):

make install


Aurélien Gâteau