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Currently, the do_compile log is cluttered with dtc warnings that should only
be printed when compiling with W="123":
/soc: node has a reg or ranges property, but no unit name
/soc/gpu: missing or empty reg/ranges property
/soc/firmware/gpio: missing or empty reg/ranges property

This happens because we pass dtc flags via KERNEL_EXTRA_ARGS directly on the
make command line, preventing scripts/Makefile.lib logic from appending flags
that silence dtc warnings (all assignments done from within a makefile, to a
variable specified on the command line, are ignored).

oe-core commit [1] introduced the dedicated KERNEL_DTC_FLAGS variable to pass
dtc flags via the environment. Use this variable to get rid of the do_compile
log noise.

The md5sums of the generated dtbs for raspberrypi3-64 and raspberrypi4-64 do
not change with this patch applied.

[1] openembedded/openembedded-core@063b5de

Signed-off-by: Ovidiu Panait <>

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Yocto BSP layer for the Raspberry Pi boards -

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This is the general hardware specific BSP overlay for the RaspberryPi device.

More information can be found at: (Official Site)

The core BSP part of meta-raspberrypi should work with different OpenEmbedded/Yocto distributions and layer stacks, such as:

  • Distro-less (only with OE-Core).
  • Yoe Disto (Video and Camera Products).
  • Yocto/Poky (main focus of testing).


This layer depends on:

  • URI: git://

    • branch: master
    • revision: HEAD
  • URI: git://

    • layers: meta-oe, meta-multimedia, meta-networking, meta-python
    • branch: master
    • revision: HEAD

Quick Start

  1. source poky/oe-init-build-env rpi-build
  2. Add this layer to bblayers.conf and the dependencies above
  3. Set MACHINE in local.conf to one of the supported boards
  4. bitbake core-image-base
  5. Use bmaptool to copy the generated .wic.bz2 file to the SD card
  6. Boot your RPI

Quick Start with kas

  1. Install kas build tool from PyPi (sudo pip3 install kas)
  2. kas build meta-raspberrypi/kas-poky-rpi.yml
  3. Use bmaptool to copy the generated .wic.bz2 file to the SD card
  4. Boot your RPI

To adjust the build configuration with specific options (I2C, SPI, ...), simply add a section as follows:

  rpi-specific: |
    ENABLE_I2C = "1"
    RPI_EXTRA_CONFIG = "dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt"

To configure the machine, you have to update the machine variable. And the same for the distro.

For further information, you can


  • Andrei Gherzan <andrei at>