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Bee2: a cryptographic library

Build Status Coverity Static Analysis Coverage Analysis

What is Bee2?

Bee2 is a cryptographic library which implements cryptographic algorithm and protocols standardized in Belarus. Bee2 fully supports the following standards (see apmi.bsu.by/resources/std.html):

  1. STB 34.101.31 (belt): data encryption and integrity algorithms.
  2. STB 34.101.45 (bign): digital signature and key transport algorithms based on elliptic curves.
  3. STB 34.101.47 (brng): cryptographic algorithms of pseudorandom number generation + one-time passwords.
  4. STB 34.101.60 (bels): secret sharing algorithms.
  5. STB 34.101.66 (bake): key establishment protocols based on elliptic curves.
  6. STB 34.101.77 (bash): hashing algorithms.

Additionally, Bee2 implements digital signature algorithms standardized in Russia and Ukraine.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake [-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE={Release|Debug|Coverage|ASan|ASanDbg|MemSan|MemSanDbg|Check}]\
      [-DBUILD_FAST=ON] ..
[make test]
[make install]

Build types (Release by default):

The BUILD_FAST option (OFF by default) switches from safe (constant-time) functions to fast (non-constant-time) ones.


Bee2 is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GNU GPLv3). See LICENSE for more information.

What is the logo?

The logo of Bee2 is taken from a self-portrait engraving by Francysk Skaryna, the famous Belarusian medieval printer, enlightener, translator and writer. The engraving is full of riddles, mysteries and cryptograms. One version is that a bee in the right-bottom corner, our logo, designates the constellation known as Apes (Latin for bees) in Skaryna's time. This constellation was later renamed in Musca Borelias (Latin for northern fly) and then absorbed by Aries.