Tool to ease management of remote users
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Just a simple bash script to help manage users on remote hosts

$ ./remote
Remote User Manager

USAGE: ./remote -u username -s server,server,server <-der> <-a account> <-g group,group,group> <-p path>

  By default, will ensure user account exists and user's keys are present
  in the authorized_keys file. It expects to find the user's key in the
  keypath (~/keys by default, override with -p) and be named following a
  <user>.pub naming convention.

 * You can ssh into the server(s) you wish to manage users on
 * You are allowed to use sudo on the server(s) you wish to manage users on

   -u key/user, user keyfile to work with
   -s server, server(s) to work with (comma delimited, no spaces)

OPTIONAL params:
   -d disable, locks their password and moves their ssh credentials
   -e enable, resets their password and moves their ssh credentials back
   -r remove, completely removes their account
   -a account, account name on remote side to add keys to (default: key/user name [-k param])
   -g group, add user to group(s) (comma delimited, no spaces)
   -p keypath, override path to key files (default: /home/mike/keys)
   -n domain, set a domain to be used for servers (which are then assumed to be specified as hosts)
   -h help, you're reading it

Example Usage:

# Create user for larry on and if it don't exist, add their public ssh key(s) to account if they aren't already
./remote -u larry -s,
# or.. 
./remote -u larry -s foo,baz -n

# Do the same, but also add larry to the dev and ops groups
./remote -u larry -s foo,baz -n -g dev,ops

# Disable larry's accounts, preventing him from logging in
./remote -u larry -s -d

# Re-enable larry's accounts, allowing him access again
./remote -u larry -s -e

# Completely remove larry from the system(s)
./remote -u larry -s -r