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An interactive Django models tutorial inspired by Githug and Ruby Koans.




Modify and send a pull request.

Adding Level

Each level is a dictionary with these keys.

  1. test: A callable which will decide if current level is passed. This should return True if level is cleared, False otherwise.
  2. greet: A string which will be shown once each level
  3. question: A string which will be shown each time a level is passed. (Until you give the correct answer.)
  4. goodbye: A string which is shown after you pass a level
  5. setup: (optional) A callable which can be used to setup the stage for the current level. It show return a dictionary which will be available to the user.


Each level (from is played in order. You need to give the correct answer for a level before you are taken to the next level. User input is evaled and compared against correct result. As we want to compare results, eval is the only option. (String comparision of input won't do.)


  1. Add tests
  2. Allow choosing file. (To allows more tutorials)
  3. Write more levels
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