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Sorting for Django. Yo.
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django-sorting is a pluggable app in the spirit of django-pagination.

It allows you to allow sorting on querysets, without handling them in views.


Inlude sorting in your INSTALLED_APPS

Put {% load sorting %} at top of your templates.

Your templates have two new tags available.

auto_sort sort_link

The basic usage is.::

{% sort_link "link text" "field_name" %}
{% auto_sort queryset %}


The basic usage is.::

{% sort_link "link text" "field_name" %}

Sort link outputs a link which will sort on the given field. The field to sort on should be a database field, or something which .order_by of queryset would work.

Example usage.::

{% sort_link "Name" "name" %}

It may also be used as.

{% sort_link "link text" "field_name" "vis_name" %}

{% sort_link "Name" "name" "what" %}

This is useful if you do not wnat to expose your database fields in urls.


Basic usage is.::

{% auto_sort queryset %}

It sorts the queryset in place and replaces the queryset by the sorted queryset.

This needs to be called prior to a slice has been taken from a queryset. (Ordering can not be done after the slice has been taken.) In particular this will not work with generuc view object_list.


This code is available under a GPL or a BSD license.


There is a well used Django sorting library at . So why another? Well, I had this library written before I was aware of this library. :) The libraries are fairly close in functionality. But I think mine is better in two ways. :)

  1. It doesnt use a middleware
  2. It allows setting a visible name which is independent of the database field.
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