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(18:53) <    jlouis> jlouis@horus:~/irclogs/Freenode$ egrep '^.*> A.*G.*N.*E.*R.*$' \#erlang.log | wc -l
(18:53) <    jlouis> gives 82
(18:53) <   DeadZen> All Grape Noir Emparts Refreshment
(18:53) <    jlouis> 83
(18:54) < NihilistD> Hah
(18:54) <   DeadZen> Asbestos Grows Near Every Refinery
(18:54) <  Vagabond> jlouis: how many are coincidence?
(18:55) <    jlouis> Vagabond: very few through a quick skim
(18:56) <    jlouis> few enough to manually weed them
(18:58) <  MononcQc> A way to Generate garbage iN jloui's rEgular expRessions
(18:58) <   DeadZen> uh oh
(18:59) <  MononcQc> I might just try And Get some of them everywhere at aNy time so hE catches them at Random in the future
  • A Giant Nebula of Erlang Repositories
  • A Giant Network of Erlang Repositories
  • A Glorified Nest of Erlang Repositories
  • A Google of Nerdy Erlang Researchers
  • A Groovy Nirvana of Erlang Research
  • Alpha Grade Neurogenic Erlang Recoder
  • Altered Gravity Nebula of Erlang Results
  • Advancing the Galaxy of Native Erlang Resources
  • Absolutely the Greatest of Naked Erlang Results
  • Altering the Genetics of Native Erlang Roaches
  • Abducting the Greatest of Nascent Erlang Repositories
  • Algebraic Grouping of Net Erlang Returns
  • Able Giraffes Needed for Erlang Research
  • All Gurus Needed for Erlang Recreation
  • A Group of New Erlang Recruits
  • A Geiger for Nuclear Erlang Research
  • All Grapplers Near Erlang Retreat
  • A Grenade Near Erlangs Radius
  • As Github Narrows Erlang Requests
  • Alcoholic Github Negates Erlang Redundancy
  • Abuse Grows Now Erlang's Relieved
  • A Giddy Nerd on Erlang Retreat
  • Alcohol, Gin, and a Numb Erlang Result
  • Ability Gains Net Erlang Returns
  • Awesome Group; Now Enjoy and Relax
  • Army Generals, Never Enjoy Rest
  • Acknowledge Gerbils in Nuclear Erlang Reactor
  • A Gross Nephew Eats Raccoons
  • A Gorilla Never Eats Rabbits
  • A Grappler Needs Exceptional Restraint
  • A Graph Near Equal Required
  • All Garbage Near Erlang RELOCATE!
  • All Graduates Need Erlang Résumés
  • Automatically Guillotine Non-Erlang Responsibilities
  • Al Gore Needs Environmental Repairs
  • A Genius Needed to Evolve Relativity
  • A Gentleman Never Encourages Rebuilds
  • Awk Greets New Erlang Repositories
  • All Grain Nutrition Except Rice
  • A Gentler Newer Erlang Rebar
  • Accidents Get Nearly Epic Repercussions
  • All Gravity Near Erlang Restored
  • Artificial Gravity Nacelle Enhanced Rockets
  • All Grinning Not Erlang Related
  • A Game Network Echo Responder
  • Al Green Needs Ear Reception
  • Auto Guided Nuclear Enhanced Rockets
  • All Grid Network Engineers Recalled
  • A Growing Need for Einstein's Return
  • A Guru Needs Erlang's Results
  • Apple Gravy Nearly Enhances Ravioli
  • A Growing Need to Edit Reports
  • A Growl Nearly Escaped Release
  • A Good Nurse Earns Respect
  • Addicted Gamblers Never Enjoy Returns
  • A Game Needing Enhanced Reflexes
  • Agner Got New Erlang Releases
  • A Great Nocturnal Erlang Release
  • A Grave Never Entertains Relatives
  • A Grenade Near Enemies Revenges
  • Accidently Gored Now Entrails Released
  • Asimov Grasped Neurally Enhanced Robots
  • Anti Gravity Networks Effect Range
  • Agner Guarantees Near Erlang Recreation
  • Agner Gains Ninja Erlang Reputation
  • Agner Gives Ninja Erlang Reflexes
  • Agner Grants Ninja Erlang Reflexes
  • Artificially Generated Neural Erlang Receptor
  • Agner Generates Neat Erlang Repositories
  • Agner Groups Nice Erlang Repositories
  • Algorithms Guarantee Natural Erlang Responses
  • Agner Generates Nuclear Erlang Repositories
  • Agner Gives Neat Erlang Recipes
  • All Gods Need Erlang Repositories
  • Always Give Ninja ErlanGo's Respect
  • All Gentlemen Nail Every Redhead
  • Aspired Gentlemen Nail Every Redhead