Rescue the old functionality of the emblems property page in the new GNOME desktop
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After update to GNOME 3 and Nautilus 3.x I've realized that one of the functions that I was using was not there! The emblems were disappear! How can I mark my series as viewed?


No problem, this nautilus script is here to help you.

What's this?

This extension will brings to you a new property page:



You will need to install python-nautilus before use this extension.

In debian based systems as root:

apt-get install python-nautilus

As root user copy the .py file in /usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/.

You need to kill nautilus: nautilus -q and restart it again: nautilus.


This is a work in progress in a very early state, things that must be done (ordered by preference order):

  1. When a new emblem is selected remove the old one without the need of refresh the nautilus view.
  2. Transform the icon view on selection multiple (problems settings the emblems on this case).
  3. Select the emblems that are being used:
    • This selection must be the intersection between all the selected files.
    • If some of the emblems is changed, all the files will have the same emblems.
  4. Create a instalation script.
  5. Add gettext to i18n.