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gophercon 2018 demo

This repo contains all the software that is going to be used during the Gophercon 2018 demo of my talk.


  • A Kubernetes cluster somewhere. For example, if you want one on gcloud:

    $ PROJECT_ID=gophercon-$RANDOM
    $ gcloud projects create $PROJECT_ID
    $ gcloud config set project $PROJECT_ID
    $ gcloud config set compute/zone europe-west1-b
    $ gcloud container clusters create gke # It will ask you to enable Kubernetes, do it

    If you are cheap (like me) you can create a cluster of preemptible machines instead:

    $ gcloud beta container clusters create gke-preemptible --preemptible
    $ gcloud config set container/cluster gke-preemptible
    $ gcloud beta container node-pools create preemptible-pool --preemptible
    $ gcloud beta container node-pools delete default-pool

    Now you can get the credentials to start using your cluster:

    $ gcloud container clusters get-credentials gke # or gke-preemptible
  • Helm on it. If you are having RBAC problems:

    $ helm init
  • Jenkins installed:

    $ helm install -f hack/jenkins-values.yaml stable/jenkins

    On Jenkins you will also need a "username and password" secret called: agonzalezro-hub-credentials (or change the Jenkinsfile if you want to use other ID) for having access to push images to Docker Hub.

  • If you want to use the In-Cluster Config for kubectl without having to bother about permissions permissions you can give them all to the default account:

    $ kubectl create -f hack/do-not-do-this-at-home-rbac.yaml

What else?

Come to the talk and you will see!


gophercon 2018 demo



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