Cross-domain disentanglement network
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Cross-domain disentantanglement network

Code for the paper "Image-to-image translation for cross-domain disentanglement", NIPS 2018.

Cross-domain disentanglement network

Based on this pix2pix implementation by Christopher Hesse, extensively explained in this article.


Please follow the setup described here. Tested with Tensorflow 1.8.0.

See DATA/MNISTCDCB/ for example images of our MNIST-CD/CB dataset.


In order to train a MODEL using DATA, run

python \
  --mode train \ 
  --output_dir checkpoints/MODEL \ 
  --input_dir DATA/train/  

Once the model finished training, it can be tested by running

python \ 
  --mode test \ 
  --output_dir test/MODEL \
  --checkpoint checkpoints/MODEL \
  --input_dir DATA/test/  

In order to extract disentangled features for other tasks (e.g. cross-domain retrieval), run

python \ 
  --mode features \ 
  --output_dir features/MODEL \ 
  --checkpoint checkpoints/MODEL \ 
  --input_dir DATA/test/  


Please, cite the following paper if you use this code:

  title={Image-to-image translation for cross-domain disentanglement},
  author={Gonzalez-Garcia, Abel and van de Weijer, Joost and Bengio, Yoshua},