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Agorava Core

CircleCI Maven Central License


Agorava Provides CDI Beans and extensions to interact with major social media (SM).

Agorava core contains SN independent services like

  • OAuth connectors to authenticate with an OAuth providers
  • Support for generic Authentication and user profile
  • Support for multi-account (multi SM and multi session for the same SM)

Core also contains provides implementations for these service. The only implementation is based on CDI right now.

CDI implementation

It is independent of CDI implementation and fully portable between Java EE 6 and Servlet environments enhanced with CDI. It can be also used with CDI in JSE (desktop application).

For more information, see the Agorava Website.


Agorava core relies on Agorava Parent

It requires Apache Maven (available from Version 3.0.3 or later to build. You'll need to launch the following command in the root of the project

mvn clean install
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