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Hey Everyone, 

It's hard to fully explain the amount of new and improved changes that have been implemented because there are just so many and a lot of them are very little but yield huge results. So I wanted to just do a quick recap of some of the bigger new and improved features!

	•	CSS3 gradients, multiple shadows, and other amazing properties with IE support when there was any.
	•	CSS3 selectors with support for IE thanks to selectivizr
	•	New and improved HTML5 video support with vimeo like skin
	•	A completely new Form Framework with HTML5 Validation (via javascript)
	•	Improvements to the Grid Framework, the CSS framework and more
	•	More demo pages giving you quick access to the features you want
	•	New Canvas with support for IE
	•	A Mobile Page in Pure HTML5
	•	Blog and Blog Article pages based on the Framework!
	•	and many other little tweaks and improvements

Even though Version 1.0 was very successful and has been used in thousands of websites around the world I feel this Version 2.0 is finally placing 52framework as the new standard for Frameworks not just HTML5 and CSS3 but general HTML and CSS! The framework has been slimmed down, a lot of video tutorials added, and we are excited to see what you will do with it! Looking forward to your input! 

Angel Grablev 
52framework founder


First HTML5 and CSS3 framework



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