Return the first element in an array. Is well tested...
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Return the first element in an array. Is tested.


The module can be used when you need a function that returns the first element of an array


npm i first-of-array --save-dev


Simply require the first-of-array module. The export function can be used in any module you desire:

const first = require('first-of-array');

first([1,100,1000); // 1
first([['Ahad', 12, 10000], 12, 'Three', true]); // ['Ahad', 12, 10000]


  • add more tests


npm test

Also supports the standards JavaScript library, configure as follows:

"standard": {
    "ignore": [
first([1,2,3,4,5]);                  // ==> returns a number
first([['Ahad',2,3,4,5]);            // ==> returns a string
first([[1,2e10],2,3,4,5])            // ==> returns only the first element
first([[true, false], 'id', 1004]);  // ==> returns the first element, even if is array
first([]);                           // ==> returns undefined, if passed empty array

##Related Modules


Feel free to file an issue or bug.