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Splits m4a-files into mp3-files by embedded chapter marks
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AudioBookConverter Splits M4A-files into MP3-files by embedded chapter marks.

Manual Installation on Linux



  • openjdk-8-jdk


  • openjdk-8-jre
  • ffmpeg
  • libmp3lame

Installation Instructions

Just run these commands:
git clone
cd AudioBookConverter

Remove Instructions

To remove run ./

Installation via Snap

AudioBookConverter is available as a snap package. It is currently in the public beta, so it can only be installed from the "edge"-channel. If you run into any issues using the snap, please report them under "Issues".
The snap package includes all necessary dependencies, thus making the installation a lot easier.

Installation Instructions

Just run sudo snap install --edge audiobookconverter.

Remove Instructions

Just run sudo snap remove audiobookconverter .

Generating Java Documentation (for Developement)



This program can be used to split M4A files by the chapter marks they contain.
It will produce a folder named after the input file and one MP3 file per chapter.
The file name and title tag will be the same as the chapters name.

M4B audiobook files can only be used after renaming them to M4A. M4B audiobooks from iTunes will not work because of the embedded DRM.


After Manual Installation

abc foo.m4a will split foo.m4a into multiple mp3-files and put them into a new directory "foo".
AudioBookConverter supports wildcards (*), so abc *.m4a will do the above for every m4a-file in the working directory.

After Installation Via Snap

Use audiobookconverter instead of abc.

AudioBookConverter in Action

AudioBookConverter Snap in Action

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