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A scripting language for fun and profit.
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A scripting language for fun and profit.

use io;

io.puts("Hello, World!");

return 0;

Cx syntax is designed to be a hybrid of C++ and C#. What makes Cx unique is the ability to easy extend the language using C or C++. Even basic data types can be extended to add functionality.
All data types can be extended by additional class declarations. This makes it easy to define objects in C/C++ to later extend those objects in Cx without having to recompile the library.
For example, the below code will add the function is_digit to the basic Cx char type.

class char {
    /** is_digit - Check if character is decimal digit
     * Checks whether "this" is a decimal digit character.
     * Decimal digits are any of: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 
     * @param this : char to test if digit.
     * @return true if digit, false if not. */

    bool is_digit() {
        return ((this >= '0') && (this <= '9'));

The added function can then be called as follows:

char c = '5';
    // true
    // false

Supported compilers and platforms

Popular compilers which support C++11 are used to build the Cx interpreter.

  • clang++
  • g++4.7 or later
  • VS 2012 express

Cx language features are restricted to the C++11 standard library and will compile on OSX, Linux, and Windows. Any features deemed platform specific will be implemented in dynamic libraries which can be loaded at run-time.

Cx Documentation

All documentation will be posted and updated at the link below. More information may be found in Cx/doc


This project is for educational purposes only and is still in early development.

Getting involved

  • Fork a copy of the repo.
  • Create one branch per feature/bug fix.
  • Submit pull request to develop branch for code review.
  • ???
  • profit!
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