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A scripting language for fun and profit.
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A type-safe, interpreted, procedural, object oriented language intended to be a subset of C/C++ syntax. Cx intended use is aimed towards system administrative tasks, and network programmability.

#include io

int main(){

    io::puts("Hello, World!");

    return 0;

Supported compilers and platforms

Popular compilers which support C++11 are used to build the Cx interpreter.

  • clang++
  • g++4.7 or later
  • VS 2012 express

Cx language features are restricted to the C++11 standard library and will compile on OSX, Linux, and Windows. Any features deemed platform specific will be implemented in dynamic libraries which can be loaded at run-time.

Cx Documentation

All documentation will be posted and updated at the link below. More information may be found in Cx/doc


This project is for educational purposes only.
Sections currently in progress include:

  • Core language concepts (classes, namespaces) are currently being developed
  • Transposing the C stdlib into dynamic libs and the Cx language

Getting involved

Fork the repo. All of your changes are to be made on your copy of the repo. Changes to the master repo are done via pull requests followed by code review.

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