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A music player based on search and tagging, with a terminal UI, for Linux, written in Common Lisp.
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extra/web Less debugging noise.
LICENSE Split shuffletron into different files, add a .gitignore and TODO.
Makefile Fix make clean rules to accomodate new src/ subdirectory.
NEWS Seek command now understands relative timespecs (prefix with +/-)
TODO Ogg/FLAC support.
build-ccl.lisp Work in progress from late July 2009. Status bar, library grovel gather.
build-sbcl.lisp Fix Makefile to accomodate our new confederacy of tiny source files.
id3-utf16.diff Shuffletron version 0.0.4: Fix file numbering during id3 scan, build …
shuffletron Multiple library support via --profile argument.
shuffletron.asd Ogg/FLAC support.
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