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C++ library for geographical raster data analysis
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Pronto Raster library

The Pronto Raster Library is a C++ library to work with raster data. The core idea of the library is to make raster data accessible following the Range concept, making it possible to work with them using standard and modern C++ idioms. The library makes it straightforward to implement Map Algebra operations, including Moving Window analysis.

The library requires one of the following:

  • GDAL, Boost (for Boost.Any, Boost.Filesystem and Boost.Optional) and C++11
  • GDAL, C++17 (for std::any, std::filesystem and std::optional)

See the full documentation for details. Or try the new website (still maturing)

Prefer a PowerPoint introduction? Check out the FOSS4G UK 2018 presentation on Slideshare

This library was previously called Blink Raster, but it is now renamed to avoid any confusion with the Chromium Blink library.

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