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ASPDM Guidelines (Non final version) (AHK Lib v3)


  • There must be a default centralized and secure package repository at that can be trusted.
  • It must be easy to submit, and easy to accept submissions.
  • (In case of moderation queue): Peer elected maintainers review submissions.
  • Transparent processes are key.

Package Quality Guidelines

  • Clean, well structured code.
  • Prefer code without side effects. (e.g. unnecessarily and unexpectedly polluting or relying on the global namespace.)
  • Code should be reasonably optimized.
  • Consistent indentation style (Doesn't matter which).
  • Consistent brace style (Doesn't matter which).
  • Exposed interfaces are recommended to be documented in a standard way. (GenDocs or NDocs or ...?).
  • The versioning must follow AutoHotkey-Flavored Semantic Versioning (see below).
  • Exposed interfaces should be stable and not change (see Semantic Versioning below).
  • Usage examples are encouraged to be provided.
  • (Recommended) Post a forum topic at
  • Pertaining to lib (library) type packages in particular:
    • Code must not depend on positioning of #include. In other words, a library should work even if it is #Included after the auto-execute section and it should not prevent the auto-execute section from finishing.
    • Code must be wrapped in functions/classes.
    • The only prefix thats allowed in any library is the name of the library itself.
    • Using global scope or super global scope is not permited (with the exception of classes).

AutoHotkey-Flavored Semantic Versioning

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.FEATURE.PATCH, increment the:

  • MAJOR version when major breaking changes are made,
  • MINOR version when minor breaking changes that do not affect a majority of users,
  • FEATURE version when backwards-compatible (or breaking in rare cases) new features are added, and
  • PATCH version when mere bug fixes are made. A release with a significant number of bug fixes can lead into a 'FEATURE' version bump.

Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the given format.

Pre-release/stable software version tag format: 0.BUILD[TAG]-PHASE


  • Any package can be submitted to the repository, and should meet all mandatory requirements in the Package Quality Guidelines section.
  • All 'library' packages must have the mandatory Lib\ folder. See Package Structure
  • All 'tool/other' packages must have the mandatory Install.ahk, Remove.ahk and Execute.ahk files. See Package Structure
  • All packages should be submitted with a license. Those submitted without a license are assumed to be released under the ASPDM Default Package License (ADPL).
  • Package author is included in the package metadata.
  • (In case of moderation queue):
    • Moderators will peer review the package for the above guidelines.
    • Package Metadata will be updated if need be (e.g. isstdlib).
    • Any issues found can be fixed and the package reevaluated.
    • Two peer reviews to make sure any errors are caught early on.
    • Eighty (?) percent majority approval for new packages to be added into the repository.


  • Automatic package download and installation.
  • Autoupdate to the latest package version (Optional).
  • Separate sub-repositories for each set of AutoHotkey versions (v1.1, v2-alpha, AHK_H, others ...).
  • Versions: For each package the latest version of every major version will be stored, for compatibility purposes. (e.g. SomeLib-1, SomeLib-2...)

Users and moderators

  • The repository account is the same as the forum account, and the same for moderators (?)
  • Moderators should seek public opinion on key decisions whenever possible.
  • Moderators must have a reasonable amount of experience with AutoHotkey.
  • Moderators should be a fair and dedicated team.
  • ...more?