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Updates salts in every wp-config.php file on your server.
A FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) project. Maintained by @AhmadAwais.

WPSUCLI downloads new salts from the WP API and replaces them with the ones in your wp-config.php file for every site on your server.

⚡️ Getting Set Up

Open command line terminal (I prefer iTerm2) and run the following command.

sudo wget -qO wpsucli https://git.io/vykgu && sudo chmod +x ./wpsucli && sudo install ./wpsucli /usr/local/bin/wpsucli

This command will perform the following actions:

  • Use sudo permissions
  • Use wget to download WPSUCLI and rename it to wpsucli
  • Make the wpsucli executable
  • Install wpsucli inside /usr/local/bin/ folder.

🙌 Usage

  • Just run wpsucli and it will update the salts for every wp-config.php file on your server or PC.
  • If you are running it on your server then run it from the root folder i.e. cd / and then run wpsucli

If for some reason the script doesn't work, you might want to check what is the output of this command find . -name wp-config.php -print this command should print the paths for all the wp-config.php files present inside your current directory or directories within it. If it doesn't display the paths, then you're probably at the wrong folder E.g. cd ~ or /root — so just cd / and then run wpsucli.

🎯 Changelog

Version 1.0.0 2017-02-26

  • First version.


This open source project is maintained by the help of awesome businesses listed below. What? Read more about it →