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DevOps free Continuous-Deployment pipeline for WordPress plugins with GitHub Actions
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WP Continuous Deployment

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DevOps free Continuous-Deployment pipeline for WordPress plugins with GitHub Actions.



npx wp-continuous-deployment




  1. Make sure your plugin is on
  2. Put your WordPress plugin on GitHub
  3. Clone the GitHub repo in your PC and browse it with command line
  4. Run npx wp-console-deployment in the root directory of the cloned GitHub repo
npx wp-continuous-deployment


  • Follow the instructions, set the slug of your plugin which is the last part of the URL, e.g., for my plugin the slug is cf7-customizer
  • Add you SVN username/password (it's the same credentials you use for in your plugin's GitHub repository settings.
  • Go to make sure to change the owner/repo part.



  1. All your plugin assets must have been downloaded in the .wordpress-org directory
  2. Now for each commit/push to master your assets & readme will get deployed (provided there are no other files modified. If other files are changed the build will be canceled)
  3. And for each new tag/push, a new version of the plugin will be deployed
  4. So, go ahead, make changes, git commit, and then run: git tag 2.0.0 && git push --tags — considering 2.0.0 is the new version



❯ Read the changelog here →


I use Emoji-log, you should try it and simplify your git commits.


License & Conduct



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