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MIDEaaS (Mobile IDE as a Service) is an experimental web-based environment for creating Vaadin web apps.

It's still in a research state. Not to be used for anything real. See for related information.

The current version requires Vaadin 7.1+ and Java 7.

Lots of features a still missing.

Source code license: Apache 2.0



  • Java 7
  • Maven
  • For all the Java Features to work:
    • Set JAVA_HOME point to JDK, not JRE. If you use Eclipse, configure the project to use JDK (instructions)
    • Include tools.jar in the classpath. Example (using Tomcat) add line CLASSPATH="/X/Y/Z/lib/tools.jar in the beginning of bin/ .

When the prerequisites are set, do the following:

  1. Edit config file at mideaas-app/src/main/resources/ to setup the project dirs etc. See the file for more instructions.

  2. In the mideaas root folder run mvn install.

  3. To run MIDEaaS, go to mideaas-app directory and type mvn jetty:run. Now it should be available http://localhost:8080/mideaas/.

  4. (Optional) To use VisualDesigner, you must run the VisualDesigner (here) somewhere and configure its address in mideaas-app/src/main/resources/

Compile to WAR

  1. In the mideaas-app folder run 'mvn war:war'

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