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Interactive Music Experience

Interactive is an experiment in projection mapping computer generated visuals and videos that respond to changes in music. The project is built in Processing.

Setting up the surfaces

Live performance


This project has a few dependencies before we can get started.

First, install Processing. This has been tested with Processing 2.2.1.

Once you install Processing, you need to install our custom fork of SketchMapper, which is a system that allows us to map our content (Processing sketches, video, images) to surfaces. The instructions for installation can be found in that repository.

Once SketchMapper is installed, (the target directory has been copied to your Processing library folder), we need to install Generative Gestaltung, a library/series of beautiful visualizations that we're using (at least for testing). Download the Generative Design Library. You'll also need to grab a few of the dependencies. ControlP5 is already provided by SketchMapper, so don't install that, but Geomerative and treemap may be necessary, depending on the visualizations used. To install these libraries, drag them to <Processing_Directory>/libraries (as you did for SketchMapper).

Lastly, clone this repository.


Simply open SketchMapperMain and press play! To go full-screen, go to Menu > Sketch > Present. To change the visualization, click on a quad surface and change the source file.

Adding visualizations

Adding visualizations is simple. I recommend copying the format of the existing visualizations and starting from there. If you want a non-black background, be sure to establish it in setup(), as establishing it in the draw() routine will overwrite the visualization every time (unless this is something you want to do). You also need to add your sketch to the list of possible sketches in SketchMapperMain.pde. Make sure to give it a human-readable name that will appear in the dropdown.


  • Andrew Hollenbach (@ahollenbach)
  • Isaac Banner (@ibanner56)
  • Janice Mok
  • Thomas Tikos-Kadji
  • Chris Demetriou (Last Dot)