An exact mechanical keyboard plate creator
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Another Keyboard Builder

An exact mechanical keyboard plate creator that doesn't result in 13.99999mm cutouts

Use it here:


  • Alternate generators don't have either the features or exactness that designers need.
  • This plate generator is designed to save keyboard designers significant amounts of time, while also providing top-notch accuracy required for designs costing hundreds of dollars.


  • Filleting. Fillet all corners during generation so Fusion 360 doesn't have to crash 50 times later attempting it.
  • Exactness. No more 13.99999mm or 14.00001mm cutouts; this generator will always produce exact, accurate dimensions.
  • A variety of cutout options based on actual production-use dimensions.


There are two methods of use: As a CLI tool, or as a web app.

Plategen as a standalone tool: [-h] [-ct CUTOUT_TYPE] [-cr CUTOUT_RADIUS] [-st STAB_TYPE]
                   [-sr STAB_RADIUS] [-at ACOUSTICS_TYPE]
                   [-ar ACOUSTICS_RADIUS] [-uw UNIT_WIDTH] [-uh UNIT_HEIGHT]

Run python -h to see detailed information on each argument.

An example of generating based on raw data in a file:

cat kle-raw | python > plate.dxf

To use the CLI tool, requirements from requirements.txt must be installed.


Simply run with requirements from requirements-web.txt installed.

Additional Options

In addition to feeding in typical Keyboard-Layout-Editor data, custom fields may be added to fine-tune the outcomes:

  • _rs: Rotate the stabilizer cutout independently from the key. (Idea from SwillKB Builder)

    For example, for bottom row flipped spacebars, a 6.25U spacebar may have the data field {w:6.25,_rs:180}.

  • _rc: Similar, but for rotating the switch cutout independently of the key.


  • Python 3.7
  • Everything in requirements.txt (or requirements-web.txt if hosting web service)


  • More stabilizer cutout options.
  • More switch cutout options.
  • Fix certain rotated switches dying. However, this is mostly due to awful KLE syntax, so I don't plan to repair it soon.