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Kawkab Mono (كوكب مونو) is a monospaced Arabic typeface.
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Kawkab Mono

Kawkab Mono (كوكب مونو) is a monospaced Arabic typeface. It's designed for code and text-editing in particular, and whenever having a fixed-pitch font is necessary, such as when composing tabular data using text. There's a dearth in monospaced Arabic fonts and Kawkab comes to fill a void in this niche.

Visit Kawkab Mono's website for a demo and further details.

Source Code

The source code is available in .glyphs which can be opened with the Glyphs app. Prior to v0.500, the source code was also available in .ufo format, and is no longer provided because of various bugs with the tools I'm using to export to UFO. To convert from .glyphs to .ufo, try glyphs2ufo.


A few things you could help with:

  1. Refine existing outlines.
  2. Add missing Arabic glyphs, including ligatures. Full list of Arabic characters:

Designing ligatures

The width of ligatures should either be the width of a single glyph, or the width of a single glyph multiplied by the number of characters that make up that ligature. This is to adhere to the fixed-width definition, or at least an "eventually fixed-width" philosophy.

Opening the UFO in Glyphs App

Make sure to disable Automatic Alignment in Preferences -> User Settings before opening the UFO bundle. Otherwise, certain components will be misplaced.


Kawkab Mono is available under the SIL Open Font License v1.1. See the accompanying OFL.txt file for details.

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