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EmSnudown is a collection of shims, wrappers and other bits and pieces to allow Snudown to be compiled to JS by Emscripten.

It is licensed under the same license (the ISC license) as Snudown.

Trying it out

Set up Emscripten as per these instructions to the point where node runs the hello world program.

The makefile expects emcc to be accessible at ../emcc, so edit the makefile or make this the case. Tests have been performed with commit 1cc28b8e9e9 of kripken/emscripten - while the emscripten project asserts that main is always stable, that doesn't guarantee there will be no breaking changes.

Run make.

Open your browser and visit build/emsd.opt.html in your browser.

You can now play around by entering

emsnudown.render("> Some\n\n[markdown](");

into your javascript console.

You can also use the optional keyword arguments from the python module by passing an object as the second argument, e.g.

  "Title\n=====\n\n" +
  "[a link](" +
  { renderer: emsnudown.RENDERER_WIKI, enable_toc: true, toc_id_prefix: "abcd" }

See snudown documentation for information on optional arguments.

Run the tests

Emsnudown comes with an extensive test suite. To run it you must be in the test directory and run python Available suites are:

  • sanity - directly uses the snudown test suite
  • comments - uses a set of real comments from reddit from the commentdata directory. Failures are logged to comments.test.log so you can inspect them.
  • differing - a manually curated set of minimal failing comments (see the differing.test file)
  • benchmark - for benchmarking snudown implementations. It provides:
    • initialisation - to see how fast the implementations are to start
    • real_comments - a set of real comments, as per the comments test
    • custom_comments - a manually created set of comments for testing the implementations in different scenarios

Build information

make will generate six files by default.

emsd.opt.* files have optimisations enabled so should be significantly smaller and faster than the other four. If something is broken, it's possibly worth checking if it's an optimisation by running with the non-optimised version.

emsd.chk.* files have additional checks and assertions enabled and should be useful for debugging (maybe).

emsd.* (i.e. not chk or opt) are produced by the default emscripten options.

*.js files are the core of the EmSnudown offer. In particular, you probably want emsd.opt.js if you want to use EmSnudown in a project. You should be able to try these files out in node.

*.html files are a wrapper around the *.js files, provided by Emscripten. Only useful if you want to play around immediately with a build.


  • A fuzzer tester would be cool.
  • Test page (+ in browser benchmarking).