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Woocommerce plugin for facebook login
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Woocommerce Facebook Login

Woocommerce plugin for facebook login

plugin developed by the request from Like Method Members

want to know what is LikeMethod?

Admin menu

admin menu

Facebook API Setting

admin fb page

Connected User List

connected user

Checkout Login Button

login button

How to install this plugin

  1. download this repo as zip file
  2. go to your admin page for managing plugin
  3. upload the zip file you had just downloaded.
  4. done. you can now begin setting up the plugin api and start getting user to login using facebook.

Download as zip is on top right corner of this page

download zip

How to get the APP ID & APP Secret ?

in order for this plugin to work, it will require you to generate your own facebook APP in the section

you can go to and create your app. they will generate your app ID and app Secret

How facebook developer look like as in August 2016

facbook developer

Example facebook app

facebook app aics

Extra! video guide.

video plugin guide

developer: AiCS Businesses


AiCS Businesses is a Malaysian based web developer resides in Kuala Lumpur

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