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Software for validating classical plans and planning programs (under development)


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Universal Planning Validator

Software that can be used to validate:

  • Classical planning problems.
  • Planning programs.

The software is still under heavy development. You can take a look to the issues to know about current bugs. In the future we plan to add support for multiagent and temporal planning problems.


Firstly, make sure you have the scons tool installed in your computer. You will need it to compile the software.

Then, you have to either clone or download this repository. To clone it, you can use the following command:

git clone

This repository references the universal-pddl-parser repository. There are two ways of referencing that repository:

  1. You use the universal-pddl-parser submodule inside this repository.
  2. You use the PDDL_PARSER_PATH environment variable, which should contain the path to the universal-pddl-parser repository.

Finally, to compile the repository tools, run the following command:

cd universal-planning-validator

Once the software is built, you can run the tests to check that the validator is running:


Running the validator

Currently, the software is used as follows:

./validate [options] <domain.pddl> <task.pddl> <plan>

where the possible options are:

  • -h to show help.
  • -c to specify that the input is a classical planning problem.
  • -p to specify that the input is a planning program.
  • -v to print verbose information while validating (added and deleted fluents).


Software for validating classical plans and planning programs (under development)








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