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⚠️ This project is no longer maintained. ⚠️

However you can use aigis to generate styleguide.


Aigis is a Node.js package that parses comments in your CSS and auto-generate a style guide.

See the Full-documents (This documents was generated by aigis. 🔗source


$ npm install --save-dev node-aigis

You can verify node-aigis was installed correctly by running:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/aigis -v
$ 1.x.x

Config file & HTML Templates

aigis require "Config file" & "HTML Templates".

aigis init

This will create an aigis_config.yml file (more on this below)

$ ./node_modules/.bin/aigis init
Created the following files and directories:

Choose Template Engine

You can choose The following Template engines for generating style guide.

  • EJS(ejs
  • Jade(jade
  • Handlebars(hbs

When you run aigis init, add --engine option.

e.g) choose jade

$ ./node_modules/.bin/aigis init --engine jade

Config file

After aigis init, edit aigis_config.yml. You have to write relative path to your source files on source.

  - ./lib/css
  - ./style.css

Initially, the configuration file contains source: aigis_assets, You can run aigis run then generate sample style guide.

Adding comments

Write following code on CSS comment block (/* ~ */)

It's easy to add Comments. For example.

name: base button
category: module/button

## This is base button

* Base button style.
* Use `a` or `button` tag.

<a class="btn">Button</a>

Running aigis

You're finally ready to generate a style guide!

$ ./node_modules/.bin/aigis run -c ./aigis_config.yml

Then you get following output.



See the documents

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