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External Discord feeder for AIL framework. (with a manually created user account)

⚠️ Automating user accounts is against the discord TOS, so use at your own risk

It is recommended to create a new account specifically for this purpose, as there is a chance that the account may get banned.

Install & Requirements

Install the Python dependencies:

pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt
  • Copy config file:
cp etc/conf.cfg.sample etc/conf.cfg


Discord Token

Add your discord token in etc/conf.cfg:

  • Login in with your web browser to discord.
  • Open the developer tools (CTRL+SHIFT+I).
  • Click the Network tab.
  • Click the XHR tab (filter by XHR).
  • Select a request and click the Headers tab.
  • Copy-paste the token value in the Authorization header.

⚠️ Do not share your token! A token gives full access to an account. To reset a user token, logout all your devices


  • chats ( List all joined chats_ )
  • messages [Chat ID] ( Get all messages from a chat )
    • --media ( Download medias TODO: size limit + save_dir )
  • monitor ( Monitor all joined chats )
  • entity [Entity ID] ( Get chat or user metadata )

Joining and Leaving Chats/Servers/Guilds

Log in to Discord using your web browser and manually join or leave chats.

Some servers require you to submit a captcha or fill out a form.

Get all Chats (servers + groups + DMs)

python3 bin/ chats 

Running this action will output a list of chats IDs your Discord account has joined.

Get Chats Messages

python3 bin/ messages CHAT_ID

MONITOR Messages from all chats

python3 bin/ monitor