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src Update readme for cppan. Oct 1, 2018

A.I.M. Tools

This repository contains different tools for A.I.M. games.

List of tools

  1. AIM 1 unpaker. Unpacks any .pak archive from AIM1 game.
  2. DB extractor. Converts (db|quest) databases from any AIM game into .sql file to be executed with sqlite3 DBMS.
  3. MMO extractor (object extractor). Extracts all data about objects on the map from .mmo file.
  4. MMP extractor. Extract texture-, alpha-, height- maps etc.
  5. MMM extractor. Minimap -> BMP.
  6. Models converter: AIM1/2 format -> .OBJ + .MTL. Textures are included.
  7. Script to TXT convertor.
  8. Texture converter: TM -> TGA.
  9. MPJ loader (dummy implementation).
  10. Save loader (dummy implementation).

Build instructions

  1. Download and install latest CMake
  2. Download and add to PATH latest CPPAN
  3. Clone this repository
  4. Open the source directory
  5. Execute in console cppan --generate .
  6. Open generated solution file (Visual Studio solution file)
  7. Build the project