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My vim configuration file, snippets and plugins.

Installation script

Clone myvim to ~/.vim:

$ git clone git:// ~/.vim

Then cd and execute the installation script:

$ cd ~/.vim

$ ./

NOTE: you can easily hack the installation script to install wherever you want.

This script will:

  1. Fetch submodules
  2. Backup your old vimrc to /tmp, if exists
  3. Create a symbolic link to the new vimrc
  4. Backup your old snippets to /tmp, if needed
  5. Create a symbolic link for each new snippet

Manual Installation

  1. Clone repo and create a symbolic link to vimrc file
    1. $ git clone ~/.vim/
    2. $ ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
  2. Switch to the ~/.vim directory, and fetch submodules
    1. $ cd ~/.vim
    2. $ git submodule init
    3. $ git submodule update

Update repo and submodules

$ ./

  1. Pull changes from main repo, myvim
  2. Pull changes from each submodule

How To install new bundles (vim plugins)

  1. $ cd ~/.vim
  2. $ mkdir ~/.vim/bundle
  3. $ git submodule add {plugin_uri}
  4. $ git add .
  5. $ git commit -m "ADD {plugin_name}"

Included plugins