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Update default.html

replace with object attributes
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1 parent 9b55c4e commit 1bf6d56d55dfb90f8e436fa1dd998b063a240380 @airtonix committed
2 cmsplugin_embeddedmenu/templates/cmsplugin_embeddedmenu/layouts/containers/default.html
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
class="cms-plugin cms-{{ plugin.plugin_type|slugify }}"
data-plugin-position="{{ plugin.position }}">
- <h3>{{ MenuTitle }}<small>{{ MenuSubtitle }}</small></h4>
+ <h3>{{ plugin.instance.menu_title }}<small>{{ plugin.instance.sub_title }}</small></h4>
{% include plugin.instance.tree_template with Children=MenuItems %}

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