Video quality metrics, reference implementation in python: VIF, SSIM, PSNR, ...
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Video Quality Metrics

Video quality metrics, reference implementation in python, with GPU optimizations and C versions as time permits.

  • VIF (sometimes called VIF-P or VIFP), Visual Information Fidelity: implemented
  • SSIM, Structural Similarity Metric: implemented
  • PSNR, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio: implemented
  • RECO, Relative Polar Edge Coherence: implemented
  • NIQE, Natural Image Quality Evaluator: implemented
  • MS-SSIM, MultiScale Structural Similarity Metric: planned
  • 3SSIM, 3-Component Structural Similarity Metric: planned
  • VQUAD-HD: planned
  • VQM: maybe
  • UIQ, Universal Image Quality: maybe
  • MSSIM, Motion SSIM: maybe


Run the demo/ script, which will compress lena.png with JPEG at every quality setting 0-100, and plot all metric values vs quality setting and vs file size.

JPEG Metric vs Quality Setting

JPEG Metric vs File Size


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