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One-On-One Resources

A curated list of articles, books, posts, and general resources for one-on-one meetings.

Table of Contents:


Why did I make this? To help managers (and makers) conduct better one-on-ones that will facilitate healthy work places, motivate people and teams, and enable organizations to create amazing $%!#. Wait all that from some one-on-ones? Yeah! All that.

Conducting effective one-on-ones is the single most important investment you can make in your team. Full stop.

During management training, conversations with managers, and discussions with direct reports, I get a lot of questions on one-on-ones. How should I run them? How can I come prepared? What should be on my agenda? How often should we have them? I find myself sharing numerous resources often.

To help facilitate productive one-on-one meetings, I have put together this list of resources. My top recommendations outlines the essential links to begin your journey. Think of this as a one-on-one crash course, the one-on-one 101 if you will. The other sections are more specific (e.g. for Managers, Makers, lists of questions, etc.) and are geared to specific roles or situations.

This guide will grow over time.

A note: You cannot become a good manager by reading a couple links and a few books! It takes experience, its takes training, frankly it takes failure and learning. There is no panacea, wonder drug, or magic elixir that will make you a good leader. It takes work! (rant done)

Let's roll!

My Recommendations

aka "getting started"

General one-on-one resources

For Managers

For Makers

One-on-one Questions

A few books


Resources for one-on-one meetings






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