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heygrady commented Jan 4, 2013

There's already a textmate bundle:

It's possible to convert textmate bundles: (look for "Using the TMLanguage Tool")

I have not done this yet but it should get you 80% of the way. It would be awesome if Ace added it but Twig is likely too obscure for them to offer oficial support.

+1 would love to see ace support twig templates!!

This pull request by @nightwing includes an HTML Twig mode. Apparently he converted a large handful of modes all at once. You could merge this pull request into your own branch or you could wait them to merge it here.


Also, I created one for my own purposes but you have to build Ace yourself to use it. It's been working well enough for me but it's probably not perfect.


@heygrady i tried to convert Anomareh/PHP-Twig.tmbundle but it required too many manual tweaks, so i had to remove it ab1ed57.
Maybe you could make a pr from your ace-mode-twig?

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