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GBA injection for Wii-U virtual console games.


This is still a massive work-in-progress.


Python 3

No, it won't work with Python 2. Python 3 was released in 2008, it is time to move on.

Various python modules.

Initial attempt at packaging, I may have missed some dependencies. If you get a missing import, install it.

The GUI requires python's tkinter, you will need to install this yourself.


FreeBSD 10

Install Python 3.4:

sudo pkg install python34 py34-tkinter

Install inject_gba:

sudo python3 install

Linux - Centos 6

The easiest way to install Python 3 is from the ius repo at

sudo yum install
sudo yum install python35u python35u-setuptools python35u-tkinter

If you have a bare-bones installation you will need some X11 fonts:

sudo yum install xorg-x11-fonts\*

If you are connecting via SSH (eg to a VM) you will need xauth:

sudo yum install xorg-x11-xauth

Install inject_gba using:

sudo python3.5 install

Windows (I tested Python 3.5.1 on Windows 8.1)

Install the 32-bit python, even on 64-bit windows.

If you get error 0x80240017, make sure you have installed all updates. If you still get the same error you may need to update the Universal C Runtime:

Select "Install for all users" and "Add python to PATH"

Open a CMD prompt as administrator and run

python install

This will install "inject_gba.exe"

It works just by typing "inject_gba".

You can run this from anywhere.

You do not need to specify a path.

You do not need to type "python".

You do not need to be in the source directory.

You do not need to keep the source directory.


CLI operation

To extract a rom:

inject_gba --inpsb /path/to/alldata.psb.m --outrom /path/to/extracted.rom

To inject a rom:

inject_gba --inpsb /path/to/alldata.psb.m --inrom /path/to/new.rom --outpsb /path/to/new/alldata.psb.m

To list supported options:

inject_gba -h

You can also put options in a text file, one option per line:

inject_gba @optionsfile

Batch processing:

You can batch convert using:

inject_gba_batch --base=BASEDIR *.gba

To list supported options:

inject_gba_batch -h

You can also put options in a text file, one option per line:

inject_gba_batch @optionsfile

You can create a desktop shortcut and use this as a drop-target.

GUI operation

To start the GUI:


To list supported options:

inject_gba_gui -h

You can also put options in a text file, one option per line:

inject_gba_gui @optionsfile

For details, RTFS.